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Sous La Vie - The Guardian

Food and Politics


Iftach Gazit casts table and chair collection from a single slab of concrete - Designboom

A piece about the "Ayaka" table and chairs published on Design boom, Highlighting the Idea and process behind it's creation. 


Iftach Gazit's panopticon chandelier watches your every move - Designboom

Panopticon chandelier concept. 


Sous La Vie - Dezeen

Cooking washing machine style.

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This Table & Chair Collection Is Crafted From a Single Slab of Concrete - HIGHSNONIETY

おきて破りの「超・時短クッキング」まさか…洗濯機に生モノ!? - TABI LABO

A semi-plausible project where art meets design, and depresses the hell out of you - CO.Design

Laundry's ready - and so is your dinner - The Jerusalem Post

An Interview on 

In Hebrew..